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How to find a right Door for your Home

Internal doors do far more than keeping your Homes Safe, they add an individual touch to your home that truly reflects your personal style. Would you like to create a modern feel with moulded doors, or go for more of a traditional look with elegant veneer doors? Should you choose a e panelled door or light up your rooms through glazed panel doors? Or if you're a bit short on space, why not go for bi-fold doors? All in all, you'll find plenty of great options for you.

Measure your door size

Before choosing your internal door, reach for your tape measure and see what size you need. Here's what you need to do.

How wide?

First, measure the top, middle and bottom of the frame opening where the door will go. Use the widest measurement to find the width of your new door.

How high?

Again, measure in three points (this time to the left, centre and right) within the frame opening where the door will be. The longest length will tell you the height of your new door.

Any adjustments?

When you've taken your measurements, compare them with the sizes available in the style you like. While you're choosing, remember you can plane the edges to reduce the size of your door - but you can't make it bigger.

Choose your door

Now comes the time to choose the style and type of door you want.

Select your style

Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary look, there's bound to be a door design that'll suit your home - and your budget.

What's your type?

Take your pick from the following four types of door, which are available in various styles. Think of what your priorities are - for example, do you want to brighten up your room, save space or make your home safer?


Whether you paint, varnish or stain them, traditional panelled doors will give you plenty of privacy and elegance. They usually come with two,four or six panels.

PVC Membrane Doors

Solid Flush doors are overlaid with HDF skin and decorated with elegant designs thereafter finished with Imported Rigid PVC Membrane Film of different elegant shades. These doors are Elegant & Economical and add a finer touch to the home decor. These doors are easy to maintain as they do not require polishing, painting or varnishing


Fed up with dark, dreary and depressing rooms? Partially glazed internal doors will cheer them up by letting in natural light.

4.Fire doors

As they can delay a fire in your home from spreading, these doors will give you real peace of mind. They'll offer 30 minutes' valuable protection if they're correctly installed. It's a good idea to talk to your local Fire Prevention Officer if you're thinking of installing a new fire door.

Choose your finish

Time now to create the perfect finishing touch by deciding what look you'd like to see in your home. If you're on a budget, you might want to go for hollow core moulded doors. Or if a touch of luxury is what you're after, you could well be tempted by premium solid oak and walnut veneers.

Moulded Doors

You can buy these great-value doors already painted, or unpainted if you have a particular colour in mind. They come in woodgrain and smooth finishes.

Solid Teak wood

Love all things rustic? Teak will be right up your street. It's ready for you to Polish to achieve a stunning finish. Or if you prefer to paint over your wood, you'll get the smoothest of surfaces on a clear teak door.

Solid oak/Walnut veneer

This beautiful real wood finish will give your doors an elegant touch. They come ready for you to wax, stain or varnish - whatever you prefer.

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Nov 30, 2021

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